Blind City

interactive participatory performance for
creating of inclusive
playing space
nominated for RADA Awards
what is "BLIND CITY"
The best way to understand the art direction I take combining the elements of nordic-tradition LARPS transformational games is to take part in it. The second most effective way is to imagine a theater, but without spectators, where people take part in order to gain emotional experience. There is no script and strict rules, you cannot win or lose, but only plunge into the situation, examine it, explore yourself and the experience of others.

"Blind City" was originally designed with the aim of creating a common playing space, which can be fully befitting for the participants with eyesight disability. As an artist, I really wanted to create an inclusive environment with 100% of its inclusiveness. It means not just good, but not claiming "we have people with special needs", but using a single space, remove all borderlines and labels and turn the communication of "Ann and blind Olga" into simply "Ann and Olga."

The game experience includes getting to know each other, workshops to the debrieffing is played in masks, so the difference between people is really erased. Taking part in it, you never know who is next to you and you perceive a person and his character from scratch.

Coauthor of "Blind City" Elena Rabkina
What is "Blind City" about?

The setting is a subway car that suddenly stops in a tunnel.
The light goes out and everyone plunges into the darkness.

"Blind City" is suitable for anyone who wants to explore blindness, sensing the darkness and go on a journey inside themselves. It makes it possible to understand how we perceive other people and ourselves when the visual aspect is excluded, how we react to a new situation and interact with a group of strangers.
From beginning to end, the larp is played in complete darkness, allowing you to completely immerse yourself in the atmosphere of your sensations and inner journey.
"Blind City" was created in 2016
by Elena Rabkina and Magnus Leken
as part of the "Larporatory" event
and was held at the following events:
Vilnius, Lithuania
Grodno, Belarus
Minsk, Belarus
Minsk, Belarus
Saint-Petersburg, Russia
Bad Gotloiba-Berggieshübel, Germany
Minsk, Belarus
Valga, Estonia
How does the project work?
The objective of the project is to create a single gaming space for people with different capabilities. A masked game from start to finish erases the difference between the participants and unites them by solving a non-standard situation.
We cooperate with organizations that work with people with visual impairments and through them we attract visually challenged people to take part in the game. At the same time, we gather young people interested in the experience of blindness and incognito bring these two groups together.
In one game space.

"Blind City" allows you to:
Create an environment for equal communication
By conducting this transformational game in mixed groups, we can finally create an environment where people with visual disabilities can experience equal participation and blur the line between people.
Take a trip inside yourself
The transformational game allows you to immerse yourself in a non-standard situation and explore how you will behave in an unfamiliar situation, how you will interact with partners in the game.
Understand the experience of another
For many participants, plunging into the dark becomes a catalyst for new insights and emotional intelligence skills. It is also a great way to understand the world in which people with visual disabilities live.
Feedbacks from participants
The game for me was about close people, about their distant nature at some points, when I need them. About understanding at what moments they are needed in general.
An interesting experience of lack of vision. I felt that it was hardest for me to be alone. And the more helpless I am, the more I need another person, who is pleasant and ready to support. But what would happen if I did not find this another person? What would I feel? What would I do?
It was interesting to watch others. I felt the gratitude and support of the people who were nearby.
The game is about being alone in a crowd. About the place of children in our world. About rudeness and emptiness of people. About a hopeless situation.
I liked it, got even more impressions than I expected.
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